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I have been teaching piano since 2008. It has been an incredibly rewarding journey. As a teacher I have been always interested in creating independent musicians who are able to learn music without my help. Learning piano is a long-term activity and if done regularly it can be incredibly fruitful. There are countless benefits of playing piano. But before I tell you all, just answer this one question - What are the benefits of not playing piano? 


It is never too late to start. We all think that playing a musical instrument is for children, but really... it is for everyone! And what else? It is never too late to start.

Let's go back to the benefits. First of all, playing piano is like working out at the gym... the brain gym! It will improve your memory and brain speed, it will develop your listening skills, concentration and focus. There are also numerous cognitive and emotional benefits, but what fascinates me the most is the fact that it improves multasking! How many activities will you need to do while playing piano?

Check below:

1. Eyes - sight-reading on the piano involves 2 lines of music

2. Ears - pianists listen to the notes and therefore adjust their playing

3. 2 hands - we play piano with both hands and their part are independent from each other

4. 10 Fingers - yes. we will use all of them, right from the start!

5. 2 feet - we do have to share our 2 feet between 3 pedals located at the bottom of the piano

Apart from this, you'll learn how to keep time, play without looking at the keyboard, how to artistically interpret the music and how to determine how much force is needed to press the piano keys in order to create different volumes.

What if I told you that by learning to play piano you become a better human being? What if I told you there are social, emotional and personal benefits to playing a musical instrument? Imagine a world where you expand your social network, you encourage other people to play an instrument, you are able to receive criticism better, you diversify your cultural awareness and become a better listener? How about being able to compose your own music or perhaps manage your time better? You would be able to discover new opportunities and become a more complete person. You could possibly decrease your stress and anxiety levels, increase happiness and boost your confidence and self-esteem? Do I really need to say more? I think you're convinced enough. 


You should start learning the piano now!

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